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Destination Itinerary

Karakorum Harmosh Trek

10 Days

Trek Reference:
Duration of Trek: 
Camping Days:               
Maximum Elevation:
10 Days
Baltoro, Godwin Austing
May to October


First we arrive by jeep to Dassu and ascend from the road at Dassu for about 30 minutes. The terrain is easy with a clear trail winding its way next to a clear stream for an hour. Descend gradually to another stream and climb for an hour or so over green hills to arrive at the green and picturesque village of Iskere. There is a good campsite around Iskere (the locals do not like you to camp right outside their village). Trek on from Iskere for an hour or so over fairly level terrain. Clear streams run down along your right side as you cross lovely alpine meadows. The locals come to this area to collect rare mushrooms.

Descend a short scree slope of about 50 feet into the rocky Mani glacier. Hop over the boulders and rocks for an hour, moving North-East. You will come to another small scree slope. Climb this and enter pine forests again. Climb for another 45 minutes or so and you will see the gorgeous campsite of Kutwal. Camp the night in Kutwal Lake. You will see Haramosh (7,409m) towards the South and the Haramosh Pass/Haramosh La (4,800m) towards the East.  We descended from Kutwal Lake to Kutwal, crossed the Mani Glacier and returned to camp for the night at Iskere in about 5 hours. The entire descent from Kutwal Lake to Dassu can also be done in a day, if one sets out early. We set out from Kutwal Lake at about 3 in the afternoon (a group had decided to go to the base of the La in the morning and they took quite some time getting back).



Arrival Islamabad, Hotel
Fly to Gilgit, Or Drive to Chilas, Hotel
Drive Either From Chilas/Gilgit to Dassu (Dacha), and Trek to Iskere, summer village at 2000m, camp
Ascend across Mani Glacier to Kutwal Lake at 2500 M. An Ideal Spot for a rest day at The end Of Harmosh, Camp
Day free for exploration, Camp
Return Trek to Iskera, Camp
Trek to Dassu, and drive to Gilgit
Road Journey to Besham
Continue to Islamabad
Fly Home


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