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Destination Itinerary

Pakistan Ancient Civilisation

11 Days

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Historical Places to visit
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11 Days
Thatta, Moenjodaro, Sehwan, Kot Diji, Multan, Lahore and Taxila
October to March (Possible round the year)


Pakistan is known as a cradle of civilization. The Indus Civilization developed around 3,000 BC and the dates of the earlier Kot Diji cultures, of the pre-Indus period, approximately 3300-2800 BC and flourished for a period of about fifteen hundred years. There are nearly 4,000 specimens of a script from the Indus Valley Civilization carved on stone, fragments of pottery and other objects, however the Aryans, who arrived from Central Asia around 1,700 BC, displacing the Indus Civilization and bringing Hinduism to the region. 1200 years later, the Aryans yielded in turn to the armies of Cyrus the Great, and the Indus region became a part of his Achaemenid Persian Empire.



Arrive Karachi, hotel. Afternoon city tour.
Drive to Hyderabad via Thatta, hotel.
Drive to Larkana via Sehwan. Hotel.
Morning drive to Sukkur with a visit to Moenjodaro, hotel.
Full day excursion of Sukkur with a visit to Kot Diji, Hotel.
Drive to Bahawalpur via National Highway, hotel.
Drive to Multan, hotel. Afternoon city tour.
Lahore full day city tour, Hotel.
Drive to Islamabad via Rohtas fort, hotel.
Full day excursion to Taxila, Hotel.
Fly to onward destinations.


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