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Destination Itinerary

Archaeological Tour

8 Days

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Historical Places to visit
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08 Days
Harappa-Moenjodaro Lahore, Taxila, 
October to April (Possible round the year)


The Indus River and Sarasvati River valleys of India and Pakistan were the home to the ancient civilization of Moenjo-Daro and Harappa. Archaeologists discovered two 4000-year-old cities, 400 miles apart, along the banks of the Indus River in Pakistan. These expertly constructed cities were parts of an advanced civilization comparable to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. We don’t know what the ancient people of the Indus River Valley called themselves. Archaeologists named the cities Mohenjo-Daro, which means “hill of the dead,” and Harappa, after a nearby city.

The people of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa lived in sturdy brick houses that had as many as three floors. The houses had bathrooms that were connected to sewers. Their elaborate drainage system was centuries ahead of their time. Archaeologists have found the remains of fine jewelry, including stones from far away places. This shows that the people of the Indus Valley civilization valued art and traded with other cultures. The Indus Valley, or Harrapan, civilization was discovered in 1920-21 when engraved seals were discovered near present-day Sahiwal in Pakistani Punjab at a place called Harappa. excavations at Moenjodaro in Sind discovered the buried remains of a civilization with a pictographic script. This civilization extended to the Yamuna along the bed of the river Ghaggar in Rajastan.



Arrive Karachi, hotel.
Karachi full day city tour, Hotel.
Morning fly to Moenjodaro, visit Moenjodaro archaeological sites and in the afternoon fly back to Karachi, hotel.
Fly to Lahore, Afternoon city tour.
Day trip to Harappa, visit Harappa remains and in the afternoon drive back to Lahore, hotel.
Morning city tour of Lahore, in the evening fly to Islamabad, hotel.
Day trip to Taxila, visit museum Julian Monastery, Sirkap and Dharmarajika stupa, overnight hotel in Islamabad.
Transfer to airport for flight to onward destination.


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